As you are probably aware, there is a proposition on next week's ballot in California that would amend the state constitution (yes, you read that right - a constitutional fucking amendment) - to curtail the right of same-sex couples to legally marry, and therefore receive the various critical legal rights and protections that come with marriage.

As you may also be aware, partly because of California's historical role as a legislative trend-setter, opponents of LGBTQ people/rights nationwide have coordinated a massive fundraising and misinformation campaign to get this proposition passed by any means necessary. (The vast majority of that support interestingly enough has come from the Nazi Death Cult that claimed half my family - the Church of Jesus Christ and Latter Day Saints, a/k/a the Mormons.)

Unfortunately, these people have been very successful both in influencing public opinion and raising assloads of cash. On Tuesday the pro-Prop 8 forces reported donations in excess of $2 million, dwarfing the $250K that the No on 8 campaign announced that same day. They will no doubt take advantage of this funding gap to spread yet more lies about the prop - lies which have already proven effective in moving the needle of public opinion.

Friends, whether you live in CA or not, the No on 8 movement desperately needs your help. I beg you all to please donate anything you can spare to help combat the opposition's barrage of well-funded lies and help voters in CA see this initiative for what it truly is: a bald-faced, discriminatory attempt to officially reduce LGBTQ people to second-class citizens again - one one that if successful the Opposition will repeat everywhere they can get away with it.

Please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please donate here.

(Obama's got plenty of $$$ by now, honestly... best thing you can do for him is help monitor the polls for GOP disenfranchisement shenanigans, but that's a whole other post.)